Our Mission

Our mission here at Off Beet is to be the gayest little farm in Boulder County, serving sass and veggies for the Colorado queers, straights, and everyone in between. We grow beautiful nutritious vegetables for our community and create a place where people are validated in their desire to grow food and be different! We exist because people have shared knowledge, resources, time, and guidance with us, and we hope to continue to provide those things for others. We aspire to be a place where young people can farm, make a living wage, and feel fulfilled and valued in their work. 

Our Story

After many years of working on other people’s farms and dreaming of one day starting their own, Kyle and Emmy met at work and started filling time talking about their respective farm dreams. The more they talked about their individual visions of a someday farm, the more they realized how much their visions aligned. So, they decided two farmers were better than one, and what better time to start than now? And so Off Beet Farm began.

Our Practices

We use minimal tillage and organic practices. We do not use chemical pesticides, herbicides, or non-organic fertilizers. We reduce our carbon footprint by keeping our food within our local community and not relying on fuel-burning machinery in the field.

About Emmy

Emmy (she/her) is originally from southwest Virginia. Her first taste of farming was following her mom and grandmother around in their gardens. Since then, she’s worked on many farms growing organic vegetables, flowers, and livestock. When she’s not farming, she can be found running and hiking in the mountains or being overattentive to her houseplants.

About Kyle

Kyle (he/him) accidentally started farming in high school when he took a job at a nearby farm simply because his brother worked there and because he could bike the 8 mile commute. After learning about how much of an impact agriculture has on climate change, he decided to pursue farming as a career. Since 2012, he’s spent all but two summers working on farms. The majority of his farming experience took place in New Jersey where he grew up, but he’s also farmed in Virginia, Vermont and of course, Colorado. When not on the farm, he can probably be found hiking with his dog, roller blading around town, learning to snowboard, or reading gay historical fiction. 

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